Company Introduction

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Wynnertech is a young, high-tech company established in October of 2012, aimed at optimizing grid connection of power generation, and at improving the stability and management of the electricity network. Wynnertech’s core business is to develop in-house top level power electronics proprietary technology, producing the most advanced state of the art equipment with the best quality-price ratio of the market.
Since last year 2015, through the Pluriregional Operational Program for Intelligent Growth 2014-2020, with the cofinancing of the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) and Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnologico Industrial (CDTI), Wynnertech has been developing the R&D project “DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF A CENTRAL PHOTOVOLTAIC INVERTER FOR PANELS OF 1500V” (ALBA 1500).
The main objective of the project is to develop a photovoltaic inverter which is capable of being connected to 1500V panels, allowing for a cost reduction of 1/3 per unit of installed watt. By this project Wynnertech  will face the technological challenge of creating a photovoltaic inverter with greater instantaneous power of the market, thus reducing its cost per watt.


Keeping up with innovation

Wynnertech is the first company in China that has established a complete R&D European and Chinese team with advanced technology capabilities worldwide, with a revolutionary high power R&D and testing center in Beijing (China) and a control systems laboratory in Madrid (Spain). Based on its extensive experience, deep professional knowledge and strong ability of innovation, the R&D team has developed a unique next-generation power electronics technology resulting in a series of products with different application for renewable power generation and grid control and support.

Keeping on improving ourselves

In contrast to other companies which are in constant pursuit of maximization of profits, Wynnertech’s priorities, values and objectives have always been aimed at achieving perfection in its products and services, and at the development of new disruptive technologies and concepts. Furthermore, and through the implementation of a strict system of supervision over every single component and process, Wynnertech keeps growing and evolving to provide products optimized to fit seamlessly in any market conditions.

Staying one step ahead

Equipped with top class power electronics R&D facilities, and maintaining a highly-qualified team formed by engineers and sectorial experts, the developments and patents by Wynnertech provide absolute advantages in the high-end power electronics sector, leading the trend of technological advancement in the industry.

Getting to know Wynnertech, you will see a multi-cultural high-tech innovative company;

Believing in Wynnertech, you are trusting a promising, forward-looking company;

Choosing Wynnertech, you are maximizing your benefits and a sound investment.